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Whether it’s a stylistic transformation or a full repair you’re seeking, your siding presents a serious statement to yourself and to onlookers.

While the name might sound inconsequential, siding is not something to throw to the side in favor of other roofing aspects. In fact, nothing can change the look of a property as much as the roofing and siding can – after all, it represents most of your home’s exterior.

From more traditional materials like wood and stone, to brick and more modern products like cement fiber, vinyl, and various engineered products – the types of siding available for your home’s exterior are abdundant.

At Elevate, we offer a vast range of siding options for your home:

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Wood Siding
  • Brick Siding
  • Stucco Siding
  • Stone Siding
For those proud homeowners on a budget and looking to enjoy a new shiny exterior – Vinyl siding is among one of the most popular choices here in the states!

You may have seen this type of siding on modest sized homes and apartment buildings (especially here in West Tennessee with our seasonal hail and stormy weather).

Vinyl siding comes in variety of colors – making it suited for everyone’s unique tastes and styles.

But siding is about more than just appearances. Roofing and siding represent your building’s first line of defence against the harsher weather.

Typically, siding needs to be replaced after around 20-30 years – and while it may seem like a chore to check if yours needs replacing, it can actually impart some major curb side appeal to your home.

On top of increasing your property’s aesthetic appeal, new siding even increases the investment value of your property.

Replacing your siding is an all-round win for your home.

Let the experts at Elevate take care of all your siding needs.

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